The Countdown

This week in movies…

Get ready for your weekly rundown of the biggest entertainment stories on the ‘net. First up…

  1. Animal instinct Sure, your pet moggie is probably cute and cuddly, but in Stephen King’s new horror, animals are most definitely the enemy. Undead children, too. Pet Sematary dropped its second full-length trailer yesterday and if your keen on creepy cats, scary kids and helpless old grandads, then stay tuned.
  2. Shaft-ception Samuel L. Jackson leads three generations of private detective in the first official Shaft teaser. The new version teams Samuel L. Jackson’s John Shaft II (from 2000’s Shaft) with his son John Shaft III (new for 2019’s remake) with Richard Roundtree’s original John Shaft (from 1971’s Shaft). Confused? Us too.
  3. Winter is… oh, who cares It’s been a long wait for Game Of Thrones season 8, hasn’t it? A really long wait. The latest piece of teaser content was drip-fed this week in the form of first-look images. Everyone looks proper chilly in them. Must be winter or something…
  4. Trailer park Miss the football last Sunday? Don’t worry, us too. All the good stuff aired in between the on-field scuffles. Avengers: Endgame, Captain Marvel, Us, Scary Stories, Hobbs & Shaw and more were all teased in (very) short TV spots. They all look good, but seriously, is 30 seconds worth of airtime really all these huge companies can afford?
  5. Liam Neeson meltdown Elderly action hero Liam Neeson put his foot in it this week with a shocking story from his past. In an interview with The Independent, it emerged violent impulses had led to him walking the streets with a weapon after a close friend was attacked by a black man. Our thoughts go out to his publicist… and black people everywhere who Liam Neeson clearly doesn’t like, at all.