The Countdown

This week in movies…

Welcome back to the only film debrief worth reading – Industria‘s weekly countdown of all the biggest movie news stories. Let’s get started…

  1. Baba Yaga is back Hold your horses, because John Wick is on the lookout for a new steed. Riding into view on a handsome stallion this week was action icon Keanu Reeves in the first trailer for John Wick 3: Parabellum. Currently Excommunicado from the hitman union, the Boogeyman is on the run (gallop?) from… well, pretty much everyone. We’d say the odds are about even.
  2. Spidey’s Gap Yah Just like every other middle-class American teen, Peter Parker is spending his summer traipsing around Europe. And we are here for it. Far From Home dropped its first trailer recently, and there is a lot to unpack. Jake Gyllenhaal was unveiled as Mysterio (bubblehead and all), water-based baddie Hydron caused a fuss in Venice and Nick Fury finally caught up with our favourite web-head. Roll on July 5.
  3. Something strange, in your neighbourhood… Ghostbusters is the franchise that just won’t die. After commercially successful, but poorly-reviewed, second and third outings, Entertainment Weekly reports that Sony Pictures has tapped up Jason Reitman (The Front Runner, Juno) to direct a fourth movie in the franchise. Rumours abound that four teenagers will be cast as the titular Ghostbusters. Stranger Things have happened…
  4. Scaring up baby At first glance, Claire Denis’ sci-fi epic High Life doesn’t look exciting. Robert Pattinson raising a child in space? No thanks. But after viewing this week’s sexy, sinister trailer, we’ve changed our minds. Billed as the scariest art-horror movie this side of Suspiria, High Life stars Pattinson as a new father struggling to survive alongside his daughter, who lives in isolation on a squeaky clean spaceship. Outkast rapper Andre 3000 and Juliette Binoche co-star.
  5. It’s Suntory time, again… Bill Murray and Sofia Coppola haven’t collaborated since the insipid Netflix special A Very Bill Murray Christmas. But before that, they made one of the most critically acclaimed movies of all time in Lost In Translation. This week, news broke of another collaboration between the two. According to Variety, Coppola is set to direct Murray in Apple’s debut collaboration with indie filmmakers A24. Titled On The Rocks, the tech giant’s first feature follows a young mother (Rashida Jones) who reconnects with her playboy father. No, not in that way you creep.