First Look — The Matrix: Resurrections

Get Ready To Re-Enter The Matrix

Ahead of Thursday’s first full trailer drop for the fourth Matrix Warner Bros. have reactivated the franchise’s old website ( and with it a sneak peek at what’s in store. You choose a red or blue pill (because of course!) to load the footage and the preview changes each time you watch it (well, it did the times we tried it). In a neat little feature the intro V/O and graphics update each time you go back to show you the time where you are, in real time, so give it a few spins. We’ve ripped and edited all the footage we could but it seems to still be updating. In it we get our first real look at Keanu Reeves’ Neo (who can’t help look exactly like John Wick – no bad thing we’re saying) along with Jonathan Groff getting the mouth melting treatment, Carrie Ann Moss’s Trinity doing her wall running/Parkour thing, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II’s character touching a melting mirror, Jessica Yu Li Henwick pointing a gun, the classic red/blue pill conundrum, a coffee shop called Simulatte and, well, a lot of very noir and very cool and very Matrix-y looking imagery (some of which looks like reworked shots from the original trilogy) that bodes well for Lana Wachowski’s flick.

PS. Freeze-frame that final shot in our edit above if you can…