New Dune images released

First look at Denis Villeneuve’s sci-fi adaptation. But will anyone watch it? 

For those of a certain age Frank Herbert’s Dune will bring to mind Sting in a pair of leather pants, weird giant worms, lots of whispering in people’s heads and Kyle McLachlan looking a bit confused. The 1984 David Lynch directed adaptation famously flopped badly at the box office, not helped by reviews from the likes of Roger Ebert who described it as: “A real mess, an incomprehensible, ugly, unstructured, pointless excursion into the murkier realms of one of the most confusing screenplays of all time.”

So the fact still-director-of-the-moment-but-the-shine-has-come-off-a-little Denis Villeneuve is having a stab at it (expected December 2020), with an incredible looking cast (as these photos from Vanity Fair reveal) has us both excited and slightly anxious at the same time.

For those who haven’t read Herbert’s enormous book it’s basically Game of Thrones in space with warring houses over the local resource (spice) with lots of weird names and terminology like “gom jabber” and “kwisatz haderach”.

But let’s not worry about that, it’s got Timothée Chalamet, Oscar Isaac, Rebecca Ferguson, Josh Brolin, Zendaya, Jason Momoa, Javier Bardem and Charlotte Rampling and looks stylish as hell.