Super Bowl Trailer Smackdown

The best movie trailers from last night’s Super Bowl, pre-shrunk for your immediate consumption

This weekend saw the Super Bowl parade its by now traditional cavalcade of movie trailer spots for a huge global (but diminishing) audience. Disney rolled out the big guns with a dark teaser for Solo: A Star Wars Story and a sort of mini-trailer for Avengers: Infinity War which jockeyed for supremacy with Mission Impossible: Fallout’s Tom Cruise-hanging-off-stuff-and riding-motorbikes-with-no-helmet extravaganza, The Rock seemingly remaking Die Hard (we have absolutely zero problem with that btw) and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’s mash-up of Chris Pratt tenderly petting a face eating velociraptor and Bryce Dallas Howard screaming. A lot. There’s just too much to take in even for a seasoned media war machine like yourself so we’ve condensed it down to just the juiciest stuff for you. Absolutely no pips or “bits” here.

No, thank you.