New Trailer for Train to Busan Presents: Peninsula

Train to Busan Presents: Peninsula has dropped its final trailer and with it the confirmation that it will be coming to UK cinemas on November 6, with a physical DVD/Bluray release not too long after on November 30 – you can pre-order here. It’s a forward-thinking release strategy that plenty of other distributors will have to look at, effectively slimming down the theatrical release window (for those that want that experience) and then making it readily (and legally) available soon after for those that do not feel comfortable heading to the cinema.

Writer/director Yeon Sang-ho’s sequel to his smash hit zombie flick Train to Busan picks up four years after its predecessor, and the Peninsula trailer makes it very clear that everything we loved about the original: jaw-dropping action, dynamite VFX and a literal horde of amped-up zombies is back in a big way.