41 clues you are about to watch a bad movie…

Because not every film release can be Citizen Kane

It has an American actor doing a Cockney accent.

It’s a sequel to a film you have never heard of.

The glowing quote on the poster is from an obscure radio station in Nebraska.

The glowing quote on the poster is from @FilmFan27.

One of the characters is fully CGI.

Chris Evans is sporting a moustache.

Ewan McGregor is sporting a moustache.

Henry Cavill has had a moustache digitally removed.

It’s in 3D.

The plot starts with ‘In the year 3000…’.

Jim Carrey has gone all serious and is playing a detective.

The poster says ‘From the producers of…’.

The poster says ‘From the studio that brought you…’.

The main character could be described as ‘free spirited’.

It has puppetry in it which isn’t from Jim Henson.

You watched this trailer⇧

The love interest was in Friends.

The title has an exclamation mark (see Mama Mia!, Win A Date With Tad Hamilton!, Goal!, Wagons East!).

This is the plot: Thanksgiving is usually a happy time, but ad executive Jack (Adam Sandler) dreads the holiday because his twin sister, Jill (also Sandler) makes her annual visit.

The leading female character has a quirky pet (owl, ferret, snake).

It’s an Eddie Murphy film from the 2000s.

It’s an Eddie Murphy film from the ’90s.

The first thing that appears on screen is: ‘The BBFC have classified Jaws: The Revenge for cinema exhibition’.

The film company releasing it sent out promotional cakes to film magazines but they haven’t bother to post a picture of it.

It’s about baseball.

It’s being released in April.

There’s a ‘The’ in front of the word Avengers.

Its stars are promoting the film on Loose Women.

The tagline is ‘the impossible true story’.

It’s a biblical satire that’s not The Life Of Brian.

A Richard Kelly-directed movie that’s not Donnie Darko.

Anything starring Mike Myers released after 1997.

There’s a character called Bustopher Jones. Who’s played by James Corden…

You’re at the first press screening. And it opens today.

There isn’t a press screening.

Steven. Seagal.

It got a 19 minute standing ovation at Cannes.

It’s being released in January.

It’s a sequel with no returning original cast.

The producer gets higher billing than anyone else.

The main character has ‘come out of retirement one last time’.