April Shower Of Entertainment

Your pick of the month’s best new releases…

On Amazon Prime from 11 April

Hopefully riding the coattails of The Last Of Us’ phenomenal TV series, Fallout is the next video game adaptation to come to the small screen. Following a Vault Dweller who’s been safely secured in one of many secretive underground shelters due to nuclear war, they’re thrust into the outside world which is unsurprisingly unrecognisable after that many explosions and that much radioactivity. Based on the trailer alone, it’s clear that the creative team knew their stuff, with so many details that general audiences would miss, whereas the Wasteland-obsessed among us recognised that Mister Handy instantly…

Monkey Man
In cinemas 5 April 

In Dev Patel’s directorial debut, which also stars him in the leading role as Kid, Monkey Man follows Kid on his incredibly violent and well-choreographed thirst for revenge. Recently having screened at SXSW and was followed by a standing ovation that made Patel tear up, this looks like it’ll fill that void left by the apparent death of John Wick at the end of the 4th film (sorry not sorry for the spoiler!)

The First Omen
In cinemas 5 April

Damien, it’s all for you! The Omen, the horror franchise that gave us a kid with perhaps the worst vibes of all time, is back with a new prequel installment. A directorial debut from Arkasha Stevenson, the film takes us back to 1970s Rome, in which a young woman (Servant’s Nell Tiger Free) is caught up in a sinister plot to birth the Antichrist. Nuns setting themselves on fire, the mark of the devil (666) all over the place, babies… you’re in for a chilling time.

Back To Black
In cinemas 12 April

Legendary London singer Amy Winehouse is next to receive the biopic treatment in this retelling of her life, directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson. Up-and-coming actress Marisa Abela is playing Winehouse, and is supported by a standout British cast, including Lesley Manville, Jack O’Connell and Eddie Marsan. And there’s always Asif Kapadia’s fantastic documentary, Amy, available to rent if you want to see the star in her own words.

Civil War
In cinemas 12 April

From Alex Garland, director of Ex Machina and Annihilation, comes a dystopian vision of the United States at war with itself. Seemingly divided between the government and the Western Alliance, (somehow comprising of California and Texas working together), the film follows a group of journalists documenting the events unfolding across the United States. Whilst Men wasn’t Garland’s best, this film has a stacked cast including Kirsten Dunst and Jesse Plemons, the trailer has us more than intrigued and seated in the biggest screen possible. Make American Great Again!

Bleeding Love
In cinemas 12 April

What could be better than a road trip with Obi-Wan? Father and daughter acting duo Ewan and Clara McGregor star in this indie as the on-screen father and daughter who are working through their challenging relationship on an impromptu road trip through the Southwest of the United States. They’ll come across some, unique, characters on their journey of both the country and their bond. It’s sure to make you want to both phone your parents and/or take a very long drive through the US of A.

The Book Of Clarence
In cinemas 19 April

Set in 33AD, we follow three chapters of Clarence, a biblical equivalent of The Simpsons’ Old Gil, that wants to capitalise on the success of Jesus Christ by pretending to be the next Messiah. Starring LaKeith Stanfield, James McAvoy, Benedict Cumberbatch, and produced by The Bullittsm Jay-Z, and more, Clarence’s story looks to approach the story of Christ through a lens much closer to The Life Of Brian rather than The Passion Of The Christ.

In cinemas 26 April

Spring, love and tennis is in the air. Luca Gudagnino (Call Me By Your Name) has been sitting on Challengers for the majority of a year, after the film was retracted from the 2023 Venice Film Festival due to the SAG/AFTRA strike and the release date pushed back. Starring Zendaya, Josh O’Connor and Mike Faist in a love triangle tangled up on the court of pro tennis, this promises to be a romance to make audiences hot under the collar, regardless of the rubbish spring weather.

On Netflix from 4 April

Following on from the fantastic All Of Us Strangers, Andrew Scott is back on the small screen. Written, directed, and exec-produced by Steven Zaillian, writer of such Hollywood blockbusters such as The Irishman and Schindler’s List, this 8-episode series follows the mysterious Tom Ripley in 1960s Italy, who falls into a complex and criminal world where he must manipulate and coerce those around him in order to complete a job. With frankly stunning cinematography from the trailer alone, it’s a shame this won’t be on the big screen.

On Apple+ from 5 April

From the director of the excellent City Of God, Fernando Meirelles, comes a very different style of project. Colin Farrell’s John Sugar is a mysterious private detective in glamorous Hollywood, Sugar must tackle his own demons whilst simultaneously trying to find a missing actress. Combining the glamour of Hollywood with some tense hand-to-hand action scenes, could John Sugar be coming to take the title of the action genre’s ultimate John?

Sea of Thieves
Releases April 30 on PS5

Originally released exclusively on Xbox, this first-person action-adventure pirate bonanza took the platform by storm, seeing continued success with its release on PC. As part of Xbox’s brand re-identifying, it’s now being released out of the Microsoft-exclusive platforms, meaning PlayStation gamers are finally getting their hands on one of the best pirate games out there. With customisation, exploration of your pirate and your ship, you’ll be searching for buried treasure and trying to avoid walking the plank for the rest of the month.