Bag Our New Burn Book

Our latest publication is perhaps not what you would expect…

The release of this month’s Mean Girls musical-adaptation-turned-movie got us thinking… what if the Plastics’ infamous Burn Book, a deliciously spiteful tome listing mean digs at the students (and possible drug-dealing teacher) of North Shore High, was instead written about famous movie musicals? A ‘Musicals Burn Book’ if you will? This scrappy little mag is our answer to that unlikely metaphorical question. And remember, if we’ve been a little unkind about one of your favourite song-and-dance-athons, in reality, there’s a good chance we really think it’s great or cool. Or grool and it’s all just a bit of fun. Apart from Cats.

The magazine was handmade by our Industria Studios team using old school techniques – paper, scissors, sellotape, writing and drawing with felt tip – before getting printed. Just as the original Mean Girls would have done. You can get your hands on one of them from our Industria Shop.