February’s Fantastic Films (and games and TV)

Your must-see/play list for this month…

The Iron Claw
In cinemas 9 February

This exploration of the legendary Von Erich wrestling legacy delves into the complexities of family bonds, spanning both the wrestling arena and personal lives. Zac Efron, backed by a formidable supporting cast featuring Harris Dickinson and Jeremy Allen White as his on-screen siblings David and Kerry, leads the portrayal of the Von Erich siblings as they navigate the highs and lows of their tumultuous journey.

The Zone Of Interest
In cinemas 2 February

A rare Jonathan Glazer film arrives in cinemas this month and this collector’s item, coming 10 years after his last film Under The Skin, has picked up five Oscar nominations including Best Picture and for Glazer, Best Director. A potent, strikingly original story, the film follows a German Nazi commandant and his family’s domestic dramas after they move into their new house situated next to the Auschwitz concentration camp. 

American Fiction 
In cinemas 2 February

Jeffrey Wright stars as Monk, a frustrated novelist in American Fiction. Fed up with the entertainment industry’s exploitation of tired and offensive tropes, Monk takes matters into his own hands. Using a pseudonym, he writes an outrageous “Black” book to expose the hypocrisy he detests. In Cord Jefferson’s directorial debut, humorously titled “American Fiction,” audiences are invited to confront society’s fixation on reducing individuals to exaggerated stereotypes, offering a sharp and humorous critique of cultural norms and expectations.

In cinemas 2 February

In an interesting move, Argylle is based on a book that wasn’t published until after the film finished production. The plot, to make it more confusing, is about mysterious author Elly Conway’s writing about the titular super spy (Henry Cavill with mad flat top hair) who’s missions starts to turn into reality, and then the lines between fiction and reality really starts to blur. It’s a strong cast, Cavill, Bryce Dallas Howard, Sam Rockwell, Bryan Cranston, Ariana DeBose, Dua Lipa, John Cena, Samuel L. Jackson, Richard E. Grant but it might not be enough to save this dog’s, sorry cat’s, dinner.

Madame Web
In cinemas 14 February

Did Morbius not quite scratch the itch for you and your weird formerly SPUMC addiction? Madame Web is here to help. Set in the early 2000s, Madame Web follows the titular character and three other Spider-Women, and at the time of writing perhaps part of something greater, all we know is that with a mediocre-looking trailer comes an inevitably mediocre film.

Wicked Little Letters
In cinemas 23 February

Starring Jessie Buckley and Olivia Colman, this british comedy – based on a true scandal  from the 1920s involving two women and the puerile post sent between them – is full of effing, jeffing and so many other expletives it could end up rivaling the record breaking tally of swearing that was racked up by The Wolf Of Wall Street

The New Look
On  Apple+ from 14 February

Gripping 10 part historical drama set during World War II’s Nazi occupation of Paris as fashion icons Christian Dior (Ben Mendelsohn) and Coco Channel (Juliette Binoche) attempt to launch their fashion lines. With a stand out supporting cast – John Malkovich, Emily Mortimer, Maisie Williams and Glenn Close – listen out too for the soundtrack, collated by Grammy Award winner Jack Antonoff featuring early to mid 20th Century songs covered by the likes of Lana Del Rey, Florence Welch and Nick Cave. 

Mr & Mrs Smith
On Prime Video from 2 February

Donald Glover and Maya Erskine lead the cast in a TV series reimagining of the 2005 film Mr. & Mrs. Smith which starred Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Set in the world of espionage, the story follows two strangers brought together through an undercover marriage. A must-watch for fans of both romance and espionage.

One Day
On Netflix from 8 February

Based on the David Nicholls novel of the same name, One Day tells the story of Em and Dex on the same day every year for 20 years. Love, friendship and fate are all explored in a story all about finding the right person at the wrong time. Starring This Is Going To Hurt’s Ambika Mod and The White Lotus’ Leo Woodall, One Day is set to tug on your heartstrings.

Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 12
On Sky Atlantic from 4 February

With his cringe-comedy masterpiece entering its final season, Larry David joked that he “will now have the opportunity to finally shed this ‘Larry David’ persona and become the person God intended [him] to be – [a] thoughtful, kind, caring, considerate human being”. Rest assured, across these ten episodes, the fictional version of Larry will most certainly not be that. 

Avatar: The Last Airbender
On Netflix from 22 February

Netflix’s long awaited take on the beloved Nickelodeon animated series finally arrives this month, hoping to inspire a whole new generation to debate which element they’d like to control. With a main cast made up of mostly newcomers, Avatar: The Last Airbender hopes to create authentic live-action representation after M. Night Shyamalan’s failed and thoroughly white washed attempt.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League
Released 2 February

In standard Rocksteady fashion, their upcoming release takes place in the DC universe. Unlike standard Rocksteady fashion, this isn’t a Batman game nor is it set in Gotham. Set in Metropolis during Brainiac’s invasion, you play as the Suicide Squad in their mission to take down the corrupted Justice League. It also features the last performance of Kevin Conroy as Batman, a voice instantly recognisable and heartbreaking to hear for a final time. 

Tomb Raider Remastered
Released 14 February

Were you born too early to justify purchasing Tomb Raider, or born too late to have played the incredible Lara Croft trilogy? Do not worry, because this Valentine’s Day Lara Croft is there for you. With a new lick of paint, hopefully improved controls, and the option to switch back to the original graphics, this trilogy of remastered games has us incredibly excited to die repeatedly at the teeth of that fucking Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth
Released 29 February

The sequel to 2020’s fantastic Final Fantasy VII Remake, Rebirth promises to continue Cloud’s journey within the reimagined world of Final Fantasy VII and with the combination of the first game’s strategic real-time combat style. It looks to be much more open than Remake was, as well as including the ability to ride everyone’s favourite Final Fantasy creature, Chocobos!