Cinema Robotica




After seeing Gareth Edwards film The Creator we decided to dedicate an issue of Industria to our favourite AIs, robots, droids, cyborgs and sentient dustbins. Inside Cinema Robotica we investigate film’s first and most memorable android, Metropolis’ Maschinenmensch, pay homage to Stan Winston, the man who created cinema’s most iconic automatons, remember Daft Punk’s musical sci-fi animé Interstella 5555 on its 20th anniversary and list our favourite 100 mechanoids. It’s a proudly human-written and designed instruction manual for understanding the mechs and mechanics that are soldered deep in Hollywood’s wiring.

The cover has been beautifully embossed with a few easter eggs of our favourite robots, while the inside middle pages uses the latest AR technology to bring the robots to life. Make sure you try it out.