Summer Watch List

The best that July has to offer…

Deadpool & Wolverine
In cinemas 25 July

Whilst the post-Endgame MCU releases might not have hit the heights that many wanted, this looks like it’s going to bring back those audiences to the big screen, even if only to see Deadpool get a blade through the balls. With Ryan Reynolds returning, and Hugh Jackman alongside him, we follow Deadpool’s journey through the multiverse with the help of Loki’s TVA, to stop whatever this mysterious multiversal threat is. With cameos galore and an ugly looking dog along for the ride, this is the must-see release of the summer.

In cinemas 5 July

The finale to Ti West’s sensational trilogy is almost upon us. Following Mia Goth as the titular Maxine Minx, and an all-star cast including Elizabeth Debicki, Halsey, and Lily Collins, this entry steps away from the farm and enters the glamour of 1980s Hollywood. Whilst it’s sad this trilogy is coming to a close, we’re hopeful it goes out on a bang and doesn’t keep trotting Mia Goth and her haunting voice out without end.

Fly Me To The Moon
In cinemas 12 July

Following the blossoming and loving relationship between a NASA director and a marketing expert, Fly Me To The Moon brings Scarlett Johansson back to the big screen, with the ever-charming Channing Tatum alongside her. Set during the space race of the 1960s, and much to the appeal of conspiracy theorists, we view both their relationship and political tension to race to the moon grow, with Johansson’s character being pivotal in helping produce a faux-moon landing on a soundstage. Whilst it might not reach the highs of Ad Astra, it’s a new story for a romantic comedy and it sounds perfect to kick back with a glass of pinot to.

In cinemas 17 July

In a world of reboots, sequels, and prequels, it feels inevitable that the weird fad of disaster movies was bound to come back round again, and this film seems to champion that. Directed by Minari director Lee Isaac Chung, and with Glen Powell, Daisy Edgar-Jones, and Anthony Ramos; it’s technically a sequel but the only returning character seems to be the tornadoes, and we’re absolutely seated for a disaster movie back on the big screen rather than going straight to streaming. No word yet if there are any flying cows in this one.

Those About To Die
On Prime from 19 July

Before Gladiator 2 comes to annihilate the box office later this year, Those About To Die should fill that Roman-shaped hole you’ve been waiting for. Directed by the maestro of disaster movies, Roland Emmerich, this Peackcock series was adapted from Daniel P. Mannix’s book of the same name, and stars Anthony Hopkins as Roman Emperor Vespasian. The initial trailer whiffs a little of some aged cheddar but we’re hoping the final result is a lot better.

On Apple+ from July 10

After a mysterious plane crash that kills her husband and child, we follow Sunny (Rashida Jones), and her new friendship with a domestic robot created by her former husband’s company. What sounds like quite a dark prospect, is actually pitched as a much sillier story, and with the book it being based on, The Dark Manual, being extremely well-reviewed, we’re excited to see this play out in Japan rather than in Ireland. We will however be thinking of Baymax the entire time.

Lady In the Lake
On Apple+ from July 19

Starring two Star Wars alumni Natalie Portman and Moses Ingram, and directed by Alma Har’el and continuing the trend of July’s releases, Lady In The Lake is also based on a book of the same name. Following the dark story of a detective investigating a murder in the 1960s clashing alongside someone wanting further growth and strength in society for black people. Whilst not the cheeriest entry on the list, we’re excited to explore this when it drops on Apple TV.

Time Bandits
On Apple+ from July 24

Executive produced by and based on Terry Gilliam’s film from 1981 of the same name, this reimagining of the classic film follows a group of raiders and thieves alongside an 11 year old history nerd on adventures through time and space. With a mostly unknown cast, bar Taika Waititi, Lisa Kudrow, and Jermaine Clement, and a beloved source material let’s hope Apple+ doesn’t fuck this one up.

The Decameron
On Netflix from July 25

Another reimagining based on a book, with this one being written in the 14th century however but still of the same name, this new Netflix series follows a group of Italian elites that escape to the Tuscan countryside to avoid the bubonic plague. Akin to other renaissance tales, we follow their stories of romance, of violence, and of jealousy, until the group must fight for their survival. Colour us intrigued.