Die Hard Is Back In New Car Parts Ad

A new ad for a US car spares firm has done the seemingly impossible and got us hankering for (or at least not actively dreading) a new Die Hard movie.

Though somewhat loosely plotted (Willis has to cram in a number of implausible close shaves while ticking off a checklist of Die Hard fan fave tropes and clearly showing the brand’s logo at all times) the ad is a more enjoyable cinematic experience – in just two minutes – with crisper plotting, smarter character exposition and a more committed performance from the cheerfully car battery-hawking Willis than in the whole of the execrable Die Hard 5 (try not to remember “Yippee-Ki-Yay Mother Russia”).

The ad also sees the return of De’voreaux White as unlucky Lincoln Town Car driver Argyle, though the masterstroke is the implausible but enjoyably nuts appearance of Clarence Gilyard as Theo, the wise-cracking pullover wearing hacker from the original movie – still sporting his trademark white cable knit but swapping his laptop for some sort of earth mover.