Inception vs. Tenet

Christopher Nolan drops new time-manipulating Tenet trailer

Tenet’s second trailer dropped out of nowhere on Fortnite, and in typical Christopher Nolan fashion the two minute twenty three second teaser is light on story detail, but heavy on intricately choreographed action, how-did-they-do-that? visuals, and a plethora of leading men in immaculate suits. Oh yes, and briefcases. One thing we did learn is that this isn’t a straightforward time travel movie – rather we are introduced to the idea of ‘inversion’, whereby specific stuff seems to happen backwards whilst everything around it plays out in real time. For instance, there’s a sequence where John David Washington shoots a gun at a target and is surprised as the bullets fly out of the target and back into his weapon. The protagonists seem to have the ability to manipulate time and space in this way… it’s all very Nolan-esque. Tenet appears to share more of its DNA with Inception rather than Nolan’s last movie, Dunkirk. You can check out the similarities that we’ve noticed in the video we’ve put together for this piece.

Despite widespread uncertainty about whether audiences will be comfortable being back in cinemas any time soon, the trailer confidently reinforces the fact that it is definitely “Coming To Theaters”. The original July 17th opening date is now absent, begging the question, “what year will it be coming to theaters?”. The other question that needs answering is, why does Robert Pattinson appear to be dressed as Christopher Nolan at the end of the trailer?