The new issue of Industria – freshly excavated and out now

Introducing: Industria and the Loving Homage to 80s Poster Magazines

Some people say that an attic is just a bin that you live under, but recently ours felt different – we were on the cusp of a lofty expedition.

Clambering up the ladder, flipping the door, flailing for the light. It was clear something was different. Dusty beams, fibreglass floss and foot-spa boxes were transformed, this was now a cavernous warehouse, divided by dimly lit paths, flanked either side by relics boarded shut in wooden crates; and in here somewhere, an artefact of print media magic, the fold out poster magazine. Made for Raiders Of The Lost ArkStar WarsClose Encounters Of The Third Kind and every other blockbuster with a few pennies of ad spend behind it. These weren’t trash, they were treasure.

After dodging a boulder sized cobweb or two, we found our stash, and wheezed our way out of there.

Barely held together by Sellotape, dog eared and glorious. These flimsy pages were our Rosetta Stone in making the latest edition of Industria, an homage to the 80s movie poster magazine, just in time for the return of 80s cinema’s greatest hero Indiana Jones.

We’ve tried to recreate that love here, designed as if it was the mid 80s – a time before computerised design machines and arguably design taste. In its pages you’ll find a history lesson all about the finest archaeologist in movie history, the story of his latest adventure The Dial Of Destiny, and a dossier on the fedora’d hero’s lesser known exploits in the realm of video games.

For fortune, glory, and a trip into 80s print nostalgia, pick up a copy of Industria at select Picturehouse cinemas, or from our online shop – which will be launching very soon.